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The word “franchise” has different meanings. both in the legal and popular sense. A business is itself a franchise owned by the members of the business, and the business, even a franchise, may hold other franchises. The same applies to the different powers of a company, such as the right to own and sell property, its franchises. In the sense of poplar, the political rights of subjects and citizens are franchises, such as the right to vote, etc. Pierce v Emery, 32 N. H. 484. Another angle that Robinov offers as a possibility for Peter Parker/Spider-Man is a reboot of the franchise that Spidey has. an adult. The NFL cares only about one thing: protecting the 32 franchise owners. “We`re definitely focused on building franchises,” co-CEO Reed Hastings said during a call with investors last week.

In the first week after the franchise was awarded, Bobby Johnson called him. She had an unsuccessful attempt to join the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise. – General and special. A company`s charter is its “general” franchise, while a “special” franchise includes all rights granted by the public to use the property for public use but for private purposes. Lord v. Equitable Life Assur. Soc., 194 N. Y.

212. 87 E. S. 443. 22 R. S. A. (N. S.) 420.—Compulsory optional voting rights. The right to vote; the right or privilege to participate in public elections. Franchise tax. A tax on the franchise of a company, that is to say on the right and privilege to carry on activities of a company nature, for the purposes for which it was incorporated and under the conditions surrounding it.

Although, for tax reasons, the value of the franchise can be measured by the amount of business done or the amount of profits or dividends, or by the total value of the company`s capital or shares, city spokespeople also could not tell reporter MacKenzie Elmer what will happen immediately after the special board meeting for the franchise agreement. The Hunger Games franchise is already a deeply political saga documenting a growing rebellion against a tyrannical regime. Since the granting of self-government, Aboriginal peoples have enjoyed the right to vote. FRANKNESS. A special privilege granted by the government to a person or company that does not belong to the citizens of the country in general, at common law. For the character of a right to vote, it is essential that it be a subsidy of the sovereign authority, and in this country, no right to vote can be considered that does not derive from a law of the State. In England, a franchise is defined as a royal privilege in the hands of a subject. In this country, it is a privilege of a public nature that cannot be exercised without a legal subsidy. See Bank of Augusta v. Earle, 13 Pet.

595. 10 L. Ed 274: Deich v. Staat, 38 minn. 366, 38 N. W. 95; Chicago Board of Trade vs. Persons, 91 Fig. 82; Lasher vs. People, 183 Fig. 226, 55 N. E 663.

47 R. R. A. 802, 75 a.m. St. Rep. 103; Southampton v. Jessup, 162 N. Y. 122, 56 N. E 538; Thompson against people. 23 Wednesday.

(N. Y.) 578; ==References=====External links===* Official website 584, 59 N. W. 126; R. Co.c. California. 162 U. S. 91. 16 Sup. Ct. 766, 40 L.

Ed. 903: Chicago & W. I. R. Co.c. Dunbar, 95 Fig. 575; Staat v. Weatherby, 45. Mon.

20; Morgan v. Louisiana, 93 U.S. 223. 23 S. Ed. 860. A right to vote is a privilege or immunity of a public nature that cannot be lawfully exercised without a legal concession. Being a business is a franchise. The various powers conferred on companies are franchises. The execution of an insurance policy by an insurance company and the issuance of a banknote by a registered bank are deductibles.

People v. Utica Ins. Co., 15 Johns. (N. Y.) 387, 8 a.m. Dec 243. When they put a ninety-nine year clause in a franchise, they mean it`s forever, right? The franchise deal is considered San Diego`s strongest leverage over investor-owned utilities, and there`s really no standard for what the city can or can`t charge. The term “franchise” has several meanings and its use is certainly confusing. When used in relation to companies, the best opinion derived from the authorities seems to be that it consists of all the privileges that are included in and form the subsidy. It does not include assets acquired in the course of the exercise of the franchise.

Bridgeport v. New York & N. II. R. Co., 36 Conn. 233, 4 a.m. Rep. 63.

Then, under the bold title “Rebooting Spider-Man,” Robinov describes a broad vision for the future of the franchise. If the only impression you have of Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds, who let off steam in the movie series, do yourself a favor and take this 2012 series from Croatian comic book genius Dalibor Talajic. Either way, the board won`t have a chance to see the final franchise deal until it hits the market, board chair Georgette Gómez said at the meeting. In business, a relationship between a manufacturer and a retailer in which the manufacturer provides the product, sales techniques and other types of management support, and the retailer promises to market the manufacturer`s product rather than that of competitors. For example, most car dealerships are franchises. The vast majority of fast food chains are also run on a franchise basis, with the retailer paying for the use of the brand name. The inclusion of Catholics in the right to vote should have brought peace. In politics, the right to vote. The Constitution left it to the States to determine the qualifications of voters. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, states generally limited the right to vote to white men who owned certain amounts of property. Gradually, head taxes were replaced by basic requirements.

Before the Civil War, blacks` right to vote was severely restricted, but the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1870, prohibited states from restricting the right to vote on the basis of race. Yet the southern states used a variety of legal tricks to restrict black voting until the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Women were not guaranteed the right to vote in federal elections until the nineteenth Amendment was ratified in 1920. In 1971, the Twenty-sixth Amendment lowered the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen. (See Suffrage and suffragette.) Digest or Pnndects in Justinlnn`s Corpus Juris Cl- cilis, where the various extracts from legal writings from which it is composed are so called. —I` of Justice. In French and in Canada. Contributions that have been created in addition to the action. —Fi-iii: ;iu.sqn`n bard. Fr. In French law com- mcrcidl. the expenses of the Board of Directors; The costs incurred when shipping the goods are included in the packaging.

ca rings-, commissions. etc. to the point where they are actually sick on the ship. Burtels v. Redlieid (. C.) 16 Fed. 336. SPLIT. As implied on expanses of land. pzirtii-nliirly cantons, sections. Quorter Keltions and other divisions associated with the Goernment investigation, and also mi_ni_ug claims, this term means that the outer lines of Hoiindnrv are defined in such a way that they include all of these 8.

Splitting or such claim that the area in question does not penetrate its entire extent or includes the entire area because part of it is cut off by an overlapping survey: 1 river or lake. or other external disturbances. See Talleston Cluh v. Stnte. 141 Ind. 197. 38 I”. E. 214; Parke vs. Meyer. 28 Ark 287; Goltermann vs.

Schlermeyer, 111M0. 404. 19 P. W. 487. FRAGMENTA. Lat. Fragments. A name that is sometimes (especially in quotations) applied to the condensed or pandects of Justinian`s Corpus Juris Cluilis, because it consists of many extracts or “fragments” of the writings of various jurists. Mackeld.

Rome. Law, 5 74. PRAIS. Fr. Fees; fees; Fresh il`un p1`ncn:`.9. Cost of a lawsuit. FRANCHILANUS. A free man. Diagram. Hen.

IV. A free tenant. Spelman. PRANC. A French coin worth just over eighteen cents. FRACTURE. A Hrezihing or Hreaking up; :1 part of fiiigment or hroireu; :1 serving of ii thing, icss thin) all. Jory vs Pal- ace Dry Goods Co.

30 Oder. 196. (16 Pzic. 786. — Part of a day. Undelication per day. In general, the law does not allow a fraction of the day B. 2 Bl. Comm. -11. PRANC EUSFTA.

In French Fendai law. A 2111041; 21 free inheritance; or a succession held free of any service unless they have been granted to the sovereign. .