Authority to Act as Tax Agent Form

I (name of professional client) authorize (name of agent) to give the tax commissioner for (name of entity) the activity statement (specifying the period). Estelle is a tax agent and her client Ruby asks her by email to negotiate with the ATO on her behalf until she is advised otherwise. I declare that the information provided for the preparation of this declaration of activity is true and correct. If William had not signed the declaration of activity, he would have to make a separate statement that confirms that the information is true and accurate and states that he authorized Deng to submit the document. Nick is a tax advisor and his client Aisha uses cloud-based accounting software. On August 10, 2020, she will provide Nick with authentication data so that he can access his business records and file his tax return for the 2019-2020 tax year. Your customer can choose to submit this statement by email, fax or paper form. The declaration may be kept electronically, whether it was received by e-mail or on paper. Paper declarations can be scanned and stored electronically.

Ruby should always declare at every opportunity that Estelle is authorized to submit the document and that the information is true and accurate. This can be done via email or fax, or in writing, depending on which option Ruby prefers. It would not be necessary to provide an actual signature at the end of the email. Ruby`s action of sending the email and accepting the information to Estelle, and then using it as the basis for submitting the approved form would be enough. Since William signed a paper activity declaration form and completed the mandatory fields containing a signed declaration that the information is true and accurate, William fulfilled his customer reporting obligations. Since Terry signed the declaration in the activity declaration and permission was given to submit it, he met his legal requirements. Whether the information is sent by fax or email as a portable downloadable file (PDF), the electronic signature provisions would be respected. I, Aisha O`Brien, declare that the information I provided to tax advisor Nick Lee on August 10, 2020 with respect to the approved form for the period from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 is true and accurate, and I have authorized Nick Lee to submit the approved form. However, Ruby must provide Estelle with a statement that the information is “true and accurate” and that Ruby has authorized Estelle to submit the approved form on any other occasion to submit an approved form to Estelle on Ruby`s behalf. Whenever you file an approved form on behalf of your client, the law requires that you first receive a signed written statement from your client.

This requirement includes all approved forms such as activity records and tax returns. Nick must have a written statement from Aisha. She can make the statement electronically indicating that she has authorized Nick to surrender the document to the Commissioner and that the information is true and accurate. While it makes sense for Grace to include the statement in the email containing all the information, it is not a legal requirement, and if Grace and Duc choose to do so, the statement could be sent by separate email as long as the corresponding approved form has been clearly identified. In order to act as a registered tax agent, the tax office requires that we have a written or electronic form for the General Assembly. As the authority announces, we may act as a registered tax agent until the tax authority is informed otherwise. Terry completes his statement of activity, then provides information to his accountant Anne by email and indicates in the email that approval of the bid has been granted. Deng, a tax advisor, has a client, William, who provides him with a record of activity in the form of a printed Excel spreadsheet. Deng prepares William`s paper activity statement and sends it for review and approval. Once William has reviewed the paper activity statement, he signs it and returns it to Deng. William has already authorized Deng in writing to act on his behalf.

Although Grace has spoken to Duc, she has not yet sent him the information in writing. She sends him an email stating that the information is “true and accurate” and that she has authorized Duc to submit the approved form on his behalf. The client`s declaration must be made in writing and states: As shown in the following examples, regardless of the method used: When submitting a return electronically, certain conditions must be met: Your client is required to keep the return (or a copy) for up to five years, depending on their situation. We also recommend that you keep a copy of the statement for your own records. . William could have sent the declaration in an email instead of signing the declaration of activity. However, he should indicate in his email for which document he provides the explanation. The statement “until recommended otherwise” is sufficient permission for Estelle to act on Ruby`s behalf, and Estelle does not have to give this permission every time she attempts to contact the ATO on Ruby`s behalf. If the cloud-based accounting package does not include a field for Aisha to make this declaration, she will need to provide Nick with a separate statement (which could be done by fax or email if she chooses to do so electronically). Aisha needs to make sure that when she makes her statement, she clearly indicates which document will be submitted.

[Insert in e-mail declaration] Enter the full name and date Registered Tax Officer Liaison Form (electronic version) There is a streamlined process for one-touch payroll. Kate, Yanni`s client, provides her tax return electronically, but does not complete the return field and then sends a separate email stating that the tax return she previously sent is true and correct. Kate met the requirements of “true and fair”, but the explanation was not sufficiently precise. It would not be enough to assert that the tax return sent previously is true and correct. This could refer to any tax return that Kate has ever sent, and it needs to be more specific, for example, by referring to the year of the tax return or the date of the previous email. Although the interaction between Deng and William took place on paper, Deng can keep a copy of William`s explanation electronically if you wish. Individual Power to Act Form [Download]Deceased Taxpayer Power to Act Form [Download]Authorization of the Company to Act Form [Download]Partnership Authority to Act Form [Download]Estate Authority to Act Form [Download]Trust Authority to Act Form [Download]Authority of the Corporation or Club to Act Form [Download] Your client is required by law to act whenever a declaration of activity or a declaration of income is submitted. make a statement. You cannot file an application in bulk.